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Level 2 Women’s Groups



For Healing Professionals

APRIL  1 – MAY 20TH   2013        MONDAY EVES

Are you tired of just observing your thoughts and emotional patterns or just accepting it and still seeing yourself being swallowed up by it periodically?

OR would you like to actually transform and heal the pain, shame and terror so that it’s no longer a problem?

This group is about using the tools of Mindfulness +IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) to truly get you through this stuckness.  It really works!

This group will help you have a Roadmap for the future to keep this healing continuing throughout your life.

This group will give you the structure and guidance to move into your own inner healing.

You will:

  • Develop a more loving relationship with yourself.
  • Experience more confidence in your emotional expression with yourself and others; understand others you work with more.
  • Increase self-awareness with yourself and in your relationships so your life becomes more powerfully al
  • Create a written roadmap for continued transformation in your life.
  • Understand the dynamics of your internal system and the challenges you have faced,  begin to use these tools to heal your own traumas
  • Learn how to move forward as a helping professional with balance and self-awareness to stay healthy
  • Create your own healing plan for the future

Tools: Internal Family Systems Therapy, mindfulness practices, somatic movement, art and other experiential exercises.

Prerequisite: Level I group; mindfulness mediation training, previous IFS work.

Based on the Internal Family Systems Model ~ Initial Interview Required
 if you do not do the Preview Workshop  (see below)

Location: Colorado Therapies (Gunbarrel)  5412 Idylwild Trail  Boulder, CO  80301

Cost: $499

Space is Limited so register early!



Sign up for 1 of 2 PREVIEW WORKSHOPS:   
“Creating Your Spiritual Container with MIndfulness”

Feb. 11th 6-9 pm or 
March 4th  6-9 pm     
$50 per workshop

($50 per workshop goes towards the payment of your group fee $499)

Register for a preview Workshop using the form below.

Register For Preview Night