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Women’s Groups for Midlife Transitions

 WOMEN’S GROUPS  are the perfect opportunity to turn your transition into a new beginning for you.

Are you feeling fear, confusion?


This is normal for someone who is going through a midlife transition.

I offer two face-to-face groups in Boulder each year

And 2 Retreats in natural settings outside of Boulder

New Nature-Based Retreat in July      Coming July 2017

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What better place to work through your fear that comes up in transitions than in nature?  I’ve teamed up with Susie Kincaid of Women’s Empowerment Project to create a WOMAN’S RETREAT that allows you to work with your fear and other feelings that are gripping you in a river kayak on the Colorado River and other activities that will allow you to feel your strength so that you can face your fear with all of you.  This kind of empowerment experience awaits you in Eagle, CO. in July.  Early Bird Rates end on June 1st.

Click here: For more information on Retreats and REGISTRATION

Explore my new website here    http://women-in-transformation.com/



Free Workshop September 12

If you are feeling lost and confused?

Not sure what your next steps should be?

Needing to see other women just like you who are struggling with transition?

Come to this Free Workshop on September 12 from 6 -8 pm in North Boulder (Location will be identified on registration)

There is a way out of this painful struggle of not knowing who you are now or how to change it!  Let me guide you on this path and share it with you.

Learn where you are on the path of the Midlife Transition Healing Wave.  In this workshop you will learn that your symptoms and feelings are normal for what is happening to you.

When you can see that you are on a path out of your transition, it helps you calm your fears.  Meet other women just like you in a major transition and explore your stories, learn how support can help you find the path to the New You!  Learn about whether this group is right for you….

Space is limited to 12 women

Register here

If you have any questions, please email donna@findbalanceinyourlife.com or call 303 682-5220.



Starting January 16 – March 13, 2017

 The silver lining about all life transitions is that they are opportunities for personal growth and transformation.  Can you hang out in the discomfort long enough to see yourself in a new and expanded version, able to take on the world from a deeper, more spiritual place than you would ever imagine?

Let me guide and support you in your most painful and precious journey along with other women just like you….

Rebirthing the New Authentic You

A group for Women in Transition – Phases 4 & 5

womens group rebirthing the new authentic you

This group will:

Continue using the tools of mindfulness meditation, mindful self-compassion, curiosity, grieving tools that you learned, gratitude, Looking for the Good, and take yourself to this stage of self-discovery and rebirth.   This group of 8-10  women is a follow up group to MOVING MINDFULLY THROUGH CHANGE.  When we can learn to be mindful, and kind to ourselves, and start trusting ourselves in our fear, we can begin to listen for  and trust our authenticity as a woman and feel our unique creativity, wisdom, value and power in the present moment in our bodies.  We can then hear our own authentic voice instead of the negative objectifying messages we heard through our lives that kept us minimalized and disempowered.   This group is open to women 45-65  going through divorce, job transitions, death & grieving, major illnesses or other major life events that cause fear, overwhelm, despair, loss of balance and direction, and depression.  Are you ready to continue your midlife transition  journey with this powerful rebirthing process?

Register here

Women’s Self-Compassion Group

Fall 2017 & Spring 2017

For Phase 1 & 2 of the Midlife Transition Wave

Women's Self Compassion Group
Compassion is the feeling of kindness for people who are suffering so that the desire to  help them emerges.  We want to ease their suffering.  This part of us that comes forward is our ability to be compassionate.  We can and do give this to others often.  Have you ever considered giving yourself this same gift?  Self-compassion involves wanting health and well-being for oneself and leads to proactive behavior to better one’s situation, rather than being passive and/or hoping someone else will give you the care you want.  Self-compassion fosters positive mind states such as happiness and optimism.  When we soothe our agitated minds with self-compassion, we’re better able to notice what’s right so that we can orient towards what gives us joy!! We also have the greater potential in ourselves to heal our own suffering by allowing our pain to be felt and held in our own self-compassion.  Research shows Self-compassion allows us to be more productive and resilient than our self-blame or self-criticism and comparisons.  It’s time to learn these valuable healing tools of self-compassion.

This group will:

  • Explore and use gentle breath meditation or mindfulness practices
  • Explore and use Lovingkindness or self-kindness practices, self-soothing practices, heart opening practices
  • Receive assignments that will help you embody self-compassion
  • Practice giving and receiving compassion to others and to yourself
  • Develop a capacity to love yourself and feel more joy in your life.

Each participant will receive 4 Meditation Practices on CD as well as a written Workbook/Guide  as part of this group experience.

Register here

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