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Couples Therapy

Relationship and Marital Therapy will help you set boundaries for the marriage (or relationship) as well as provide support for parents of families in transition, such as step families, divorcing families, grieving families and families dealing with adolescent issues. Couples work is often the cornerstone of family therapy –to create the strong foundation that the family needs, especially if you are moving into a major transition or feel stuck in one.


Internal Family Systems Therapy For Couples



Couples Therapy is an opportunity to understand and change the destructive and painful cycles that couples fall into in relationships.  The goal is to renew a loving connection and healthy bonding again.  You will also learn what you need as an individual to feel loved and how to care for yourself in this relationship.


“There is no kind of psychotherapy that is better designed for couples than IFS, and Donna is one of the most equipped and skilled IFS therapists in Boulder. I would recommend her to my closest friends.”
-Donia Henderson, MA


My work is eclectic, but experiential and powerful in creating transformation within the couple.  I draw from many teachers and leaders in the field: Sue Johnson, Terry Real, David Scharch, John Gottman, Richard Schwartz, to name a few.  My work is focused on helping the couple find hope, renew a positive loving connection, find healing in their relationship.

I recommend 90 minute sessions for Couples Therapy so each partner can get the attention and support that you need in each session.

How IFS Works With Couples

This model of psychotherapy is a guide for how to make your life work, personally and in relationships.  I find that it helps couples find a healthy differentiation and learn how to be fully themselves within the relationship along with restoring a loving and deep connection.  This helps create safe and long-lasting intimacy.

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