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IFS Couples Therapy – 90 Minutes


Do you ever feel when you are arguing that you and your partner are just like two kids acting out with each other? IFS teaches us that these younger parts of us need to be witnessed, loved and understood so that we can speak for them through our adult or Self in the relationship.



IFS Couples Therapy

This creates a healthier interaction where we can be fully ourselves with our intimate partners and/or  begin to catch ourselves when we are stuck in a part that is running the movie we don’t really want to be in.  IFS  helps couples find a healthy differentiation (a sense of their own parts) and learn how to be fully present with themselves within the relationship along with restoring a loving and deep connection.  Attachment injury and trauma can be healed with each partner in the context of this therapy.

IFS Couples Therapy  helps create safe and long-lasting intimacy.


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