Monday, January 9, 2018 7-8:30 pm Free Workshop: The Midlife Voyage to Transformation and Resilience..


For those feeling any of the following symptoms regarding a major life change:

  • Fearful, confused, overwhelmed with emotions
  • Lost sense of your identity and role in life
  • Running away from the situation in your life
  • Shut down or depressed, unable to express emotions
  • Feling stuck, speeded up, fearful about your future
  • Angry, hurt, feeling guilty, feeling shameful, lost in your grief, unable to move forward in your life

Or, if you have just experienced a major event or change in your life that is creating big feelings inside you and you don’t know how to manage it all.


Product Description

You will learn about the typical events at midlife.

Divorce, Empty-nesting, Caretaking parents, Death of a loved one, Menopause or Perimenopausal  symptoms, Retirement or work transition…..or several of these at once.  You will learn about the symptoms that happen at each stage on this healing path and then the tools that will help you get through the healing path….You will meet other women just like you and see that you are not alone.

Find a healing path out of your suffering and pain…. This workshop is about helping you see where you are right now in your transition journey and the tools that you need to help you.

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womens group rebirthing the new authentic you

This workshop is also a preview for

Rebirthing the New Authentic You —An 8 Week Woman’s Group

This is a  women’s group for women in midlife transition who have been working through their pain and  fear and are ready to focus on grieving.  This group will give you tools to move out of the darkness of the unknown so you can find your new path to transformation.  This is stages 4 and 5 on the Healing Path above.  If you are not at these stages, you can still learn valuable tools at this workshop so come and grow with other women.

Gratitude woman eyes closedThe silver lining of all transitions is that you get to rebirth yourself– But you have to get the tools and support to make it happen!  This workshop will give you all the steps and how to get the tools.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a covered water bottle, bring a friend !  Expect to move your body,  meet other women just like you, share if you wish, explore an experiential exercise together that may reveal some insights for you.

Learning how to ride the wave is the key to moving through your transition and getting to the other side healthy and a stronger and a more amazing  you than when you started.

Donna Catch WaveRegister above:
Date: Monday, January  9, 2017  7 pm
BOHEMIA: 4919 N. Broadway, Unit 7
Boulder, CO  80304
For more information:
Call 303 682-5220