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I don’t know about you, but when things are scary or challenging in my life, the last thing I want to do is slow down and listen to my feelings.  I usually want to run out and act out my anger or frustration and blame others!   It’s human nature to want to run away from the difficult feelings that come along with our daily lives.  Especially because we feel so out of control — so shaken by the fact that we cannot often do much about these events that cause us suffering and pain.

And we can do that–run away from it.  But if we keep doing it over and over we will stay stuck in that pattern of reacting and running.   Our brains will stay in that groove and we won’t have any options for how we might do it differently.  And over time, we will shut down parts of our consciousness by setting up this pattern of defending or reacting.  You see, brain research now has revealed that our brains are very plastic and changes in how our body responds to emotional traumas can be created through a very conscious process of rewiring that happens when a mindful brain response is used.  Mindfulness creates an integration of consciousness that bypasses the trigger fight or flight response of our midbrain at the amygdala where our reactions start.   Mindsight, the New Science of Personal Transformation, by Daniel J. Siegel, MD, is where you can learn about this.

So for me, this is revolutionary information.  We now have proof that we can change how we respond to events in our lives that feel scary and out of control and cause us suffering.  We can learn to do it differently and in the process our brains will grow and change to create more capacity for consciousness and love.  How does this sound to you?   Would you like to do it differently for the rest of your life?  What might happen if more people in this world chose to work towards this higher capacity for love and consciousness?

My passion about teaching this information has helped me to develop my programs for women ( and now men) that include mindfulness training.  In every one of my groups you will have the opportunity to develop your “spiritual container” through practicing mindfulness and learning how to begin to slow down rather than speed up when you are experiencing painful feelings.  In the slowing down, you have an opportunity to develop awareness that is deeper and vaster than anything you have experienced before.  In this awareness, you are able to stay present to the most intense feelings you could ever have.  It does take some coaching, support and practice, but I can tell you it is worth it for the changes that it brings to your life and your relationships.