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Did you know that your brain is most focused on finding what’s not right (or dangerous in primitive time)  in your environment? 

It’s got a negative bias that keeps us hyped up, scanning, problem-solving and just on the go.  Have you heard Rick Hanson’s terms:  “The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, and Teflon for positive ones.”( taken from Buddha’s Brain).

This is a picture of me taking in the Happiness I feel doing Yoga!

The remedy is not to suppress or shut down these negative experiences because they can help us to release and clear out emotional baggage which ultimately helps us grow.   However, we can work on nurturing ourselves with our positive  experiences and take them into your experience and your implicit memory so they can become a permanent part of you.

Here’s Rick Hanson’s 3 steps to Internalizing the Positive:

1) Turn positive facts into positive experiences, i.e., whenever positive events or feelings find you, bring in mindful awareness to them —experience them fully in your body.

2)  Savor the experience.  Make it last longer….keep your attention on it as long as you can.  This causes more neurons to fire in your brain and wire together creating new pathways for happiness and memories to form.  Focus specifically on the emotions and body experiences because these create implicit memory.   Allow it to become a rewarding feeling, intensify it as much as you can.

3) Imagine or feel that the experience is entering deeply into your mind and body, like the sun’s warmth into your shirt.  Keep relaxing your body and absorbing the emotions, sensations and thoughts of the experience.

Every happy or playful or joyful experience can help you rewire your brain to counteract the negative focus that often happens as we reach midlife.  Every time you move positive feelings and views into painful or limiting states of mind—you build a little bit of neural structure that can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN.

If you want to learn more tools to change your brain, come to my Free Workshop on August 24th:  Learn tools for Riding the “Midlife Transition Healing Wave” and come to Women’s Yoga on Mondays at 4:30.

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