In a world which inundates us every moment that we try to take a breath and move into our day, Mindfulness  is perhaps the most powerful stress-management tool of the 21st century. It retrains the nervous system and helps you learn a relaxation response.  Mindfulness teaches you how to train your mind to slow down and how to let go of thoughts, worries and concerns that constantly overtake your daily flow of being present. It helps you become more aware of the sensations in your body so you can be more engaged in each and every moment.  This is calming and grounding and gives you emotional resilience. Scientifically proven to change your response to stress, Mindfulness can change and extend your life.

I have received the following training: Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion Teacher Training, from the Center for Mindfulness in San Diego, CA.  November 2015.   Strengthening Your Practice, 8 Week program for MBSR Graduates, Jean Leonard, Spring 2015.

The Omega Institute 7 -day Retreat Training with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli on MBSR: Breakthrough in Mind-Body Medicine for Health Professionals, Feb. 2010. On-going meditation training and retreats with variety of teachers in the area.  MBSR- 8 Week course at Shambala Center, with Janet Solynges, Fall 2008.  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and the Prevention of Depression, June 2010, 2-day training in MBCT through CREST, CU Depression Center.


Balance Your Life Mindfulness Offerings

Mindfulness Meditation training will be offered in all of my Women’s  Groups,  and as requested in coaching sessions. Also you may experience meditation techniques and practices in Women’s Yoga.

Mindful Self Compassion Training:   Individual Sessions & Group Sessions – Call for free consultation (303) 682-5220.  I offer Women’s Self- Compassion Group in the Spring and Fall.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy – MBCT: Individual Sessions – Call for free consultation (303) 682-5220

Mindfulness Training/Coaching: I offer mindfulness coaching to anyone who would like one-on-one support.  I offer MBSR Skills in the context of therapy for stress-reduction, self-regulation, and self-awareness. I teach Mindfulness to families and groups. All of my women’s groups have mindfulness training included.

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