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About Donna

How I Work

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I offer a deep healing presence and a client-centered approach  for personal healing and transformation. I start where you want to work and we form a partnership for your healing. The most important thing about developing a healing relationship is for you to feel safety, connection and loving unconditional support.

I focus on the wholeness of who you are and how you can reconnect with the parts of you that are covered, traumatized or hidden.    I work to explore with you the many systems that you connect with, your family of origin, your present partner, your children, your work, your spiritual community, your friends, to restore clarity and connection where you are needing it and to create “openheartedness” in your relationships with yourself and those you love. Sometimes, this may involve deeper healing work using IFS or EMDR or Mindfulness practices or some combination of inner healing. I might suggest that you immerse yourself in a group experience with other women to find the support you need in your healing process.

About Donnadonna-roe-daniell

I’ve been in private practice as a family therapist and woman’s wellness coach in the Boulder/Longmont area for 27 years. I received my Masters Degree in social work in 1989 from Denver University. My training was in clinical work with systems such as families and relationships. As a child and family therapist, I have worked with a variety of different clients, from families of extreme trauma (neglect and abuse) in residential treatment settings and mental health and day treatment settings, to middle class families in EAP programs in hospitals, schools and in private practice. I have experience with families experiencing grief, trauma, divorce, giftedness and sensory integration issues, spirited children and teens, and step-families.  I currently offer an integrative psychotherapy practice combining wellness offerings with IFS,  Mindfulness, Self-Compassion Training, EMDR, Somatic attachment therapy  and Yoga.

For my offerings go to:  http://www.findbalanceinyourlife.com/products-2/

Women in Midlife Transitions

In the past 10 years I’ve been moved to develop more programs that will connect, heal and empower  women.  From my past work with women in settings that focus on eating disorders, addictions, self-esteem issues, fitness and wellness as well as prenatal and postpartum issues, I’ve noticed that women continue to feel isolated, disassociated from their bodies and hearts and very self-critical. And, that in the major transitions of their lives, they are not getting supported enough to grow and treat themselves in a more loving and compassionate way.  As a leader of women in my community through local women’s organizations, and church organizations, I can see that women are still stuck.  Especially in the business world,  where women are still trying to be more masculine, we aren’t breaking through with our true gifts of feminine power. We are now at a riveting time when women need to come forward to make the changes the world needs and create new roles and avenues for change.  I want to help women find this direction with their bodies and their hearts and in their lives.

For more information on my coaching programs for women in midlife transitions visit my new  website:  http://women-in-transformation.com/