Coaching/Therapy Sessions – 60 Minutes


One-on-one coaching/therapy sessions from a licensed therapist who is skilled in working in tandem with you to meet your present goals for change.



Coaching Sessions include:

  • What’s Broken? We work together to identify what is not working in your life right now.
  • Chart Your Course! We will set attainable goals to set you on a course for change.
  • Accountability! I will hold you accountable to meet these goals each session.
  • Breakthrough Assignments! I will give you assignments to do between sessions to create the change you want.
  • Transformation Toolbox! I will offer tools to help you break through your blocks in the way.
  • Feel Empowered! I will empower you to create the changes you want in your life and support you in that process.

Coaching sessions are offered face-to-face in my office or via SKYPE in your home.  To schedule your first session call me at 303 682-5220 or email at

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