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Would You?

Just think of what you are the most afraid of?  Now put yourself in the driver’s seat and begin to take a step towards doing it.   Maybe it’s not skydiving like this woman, or hiking Kilimanjaro like I’m planning on doing,  but what is it for you?  Donna walking at Bear Lake Fall

Do you need to face something in your life that’s causing you pain and suffering?

Do you know the first step towards facing that fear?

I can help you with this.  The first step is getting support to see the fear and separate it out so you can realize that’s what’s causing your pain.

Learning mindfulness tools is another first step.  If you can stay present to your body when the fear comes up, you can work with it.

Join a woman’s group to learn mindfulness tools, to learn to face your fear, to learn how to be with your feelings in your body.   To start moving your life in the direction you want it to go…….here’s the link to my next woman’s group  http://www.findbalanceinyourlife.com/product/moving-mindfully-through-change/.

Even if it’s not Skydiving,  what is your ultimate dream?  You can do it….. let yourself go for it….

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